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EA Mental Health Program

We want effective altruists to be productive but also happy. We believe that this could be a path toward long-lasting motivation.


That is why we've designed the EA Mental Health Programme to support the mental health, motivation, and productivity of EAs, as well as to help them build a healthy approach toward EA: 


The goal is to give the participants tools and knowledge they could use on their own after the programme. With the EA community in mind, we have focused on eight topics that its members seem to struggle with the most.


The whole programme has 8 weeks, but each workshop can be also run individually:


  1. Introduction to Mindfulness and Emotions

  2. Self-Compassion

  3. Widening the Circles of Compassion

  4. Relating to Others

  5. Imposter Syndrome

  6. Sustainable Motivation and Preventing Burnout

  7. Creating a Healthy Community 

  8. Introduction to Well-being and Behavioral Change


How to get involved? 


Become a facilitator! 


Our main intention was to create a space for peer-to-peer support in the area of mental health within the EA community. We were inspired by the EA Introductory Fellowship and adopted its format for this mental health programme. With facilitators running these workshops in their local communities, we hope a space would be created where people can share and support each other in a group. 


To become a facilitator and organize the 8-week EA Mental Health Programme, you do not have to be a mental health professional, as this programme is not intended as a mental health intervention. An ideal facilitator is anybody interested in co-creating a safe space for others and cultivating compassion and curiosity. As a facilitator, your role would also be to organise the programme's practical side, such as communicating with participants, reading the workbook, and preparing the workshop in advance, according to the schedule and instructions. At the same time, we want to emphasize that you do not have to be an expert on the topics nor have all the answers. Your role would be to present the topics to the participants, moderate the discussion, and ensure everybody can participate in the workshop.

Read the workbook and share it with others! 


The workbook also functions well on its own. Feel free to read the whole workbook (or just the parts that interest you the most) and experiment with home practices on your own. 


Contact us


Even though our capacity is limited as we are not working on the Mental Health Programme anymore, we are happy to receive feedback or advice in relation to running the programme. 


Kristýna Šťastná (

Terezie Kosíková (

Sylvie Wagnerová (


Who we are

Kristýna Šťastná (project co-founder) is a CBT therapist in training. 


Terezie Kosíková (project co-founder) is a part-time coach (more info on her website). She has focused on movement-building in Czechia. She is interested in mental health, AI Safety, and operations.   


Sylvie Wagnerová (team member) is an effective altruist with an interest in mental health. She works for the Dutch Ministry of Education while also advising the Mental Health Project. She is active within the Czech and Dutch EA groups.

Forum posts

Check out our EA Forum posts here to keep up-to-date on what we're doing:

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