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Volunteering and Participation

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with MentNav! We're currently not accepting applications for more volunteers. Please check back with us in the autumn!

We couldn't provide our signposting service and data bank without our volunteers!

Our team of volunteers is key to ensuring we connect as many people to

mental health information and resources as possible. 

Check out the boxes below to find out how you can get involved with MentNav.

Write for US

We're working on several guides and blog posts at the moment and would love your help!


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Data bank volunteering

Help us build the world's largest repository of mental health resources.

Volunteering FAQs

1. Why volunteer with the MentNav?

We at the MentNav couldn't do what we do without our volunteers. If you're someone who's passionate about mental health, we've got plenty for you to do! Volunteering is a great way to gain new skills or build upon your existing skills, while making a real difference to people's lives. Through volunteering with MentNav, you have the unique opportunity to learn more about mental health and expand your communication and networking skills. If you're a keen writer, volunteering to write content for us is a great way to practice researching and writing about mental health topics.

2. How much time do I have to give as a volunteer?

Time commitments are largely role-specific. Data bank volunteers are asked to spend at least 1 hour each week making contributions to the data bank. If you volunteer to write for us, we ask that you pick a topic and spend one month writing an article on that topic.

3. Will I be interviewed?

Yes, as part of our Safer Recruitment policy, we interview all volunteers. This gives you an opportunity to learn more about MentNav, and us an opportunity to learn more about you and your interest in volunteering.

4. Will my expenses be paid?

Yes, expenses such as the cost of Mental Health First Aid training and access to a VPN subscription will be covered by the MentNav where required.

5. Do you offer training to volunteers?

Yes, we'll provide training and inductions necessary to carry out your volunteering role. The type of training and the content of induction sessions are however role-specific.

6. Does the Mental Health Navigator offer work experience or internships?

For the time being, we do not offer work experiences or internships.

7. What support do you offer volunteers?

We make sure you are well prepared for your role as a volunteer and provide a point of contact throughout your time volunteering who will be available to answer any questions. There are manuals, handbooks, and guides available to help you in your role, and you'll meet with your Volunteer Coordinator at least once per month (or more frequently if so desired). You'll be given an official email address and a secure platform to work within.

8. What if I don't enjoy my role?

We want to make sure that everyone has a positive experience volunteering with the MentNav and are always open to feedback. While we hope everyone will enjoy and feel fulfilled in their roles, and though we ask everyone to sign a role-specific Volunteer Agreement at the start of their time volunteering with us, we understand that life happens and things change, and are therefore open to supporting you in switching up your volunteering experience if you'd like! Or if you decide that volunteering isn't for you, that's ok too, and we'd be very ope to your feedback!

9. Do you provide recommendation letters?

Once you have volunteered with us for at least 3 months, we will be happy to provide you with a recommendation letter.

10. Do I have to live in the UK to volunteer with the MentNav?

We welcome applications from people all over the world for our Data Bank and Content Writer volunteer roles.

11. Do you conduct DBS checks?

As part of our Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults policy, when you apply to volunteer with us, we ask that you tell us if you have any unspent convictions, per the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. We also conduct DBS checks as part of the steps we take to safeguard the vulnerable adults we help signpost to support services.

We fully comply with the DBS Code of Practice, and ensure that we treat all applicants equally and don’t discriminate unfairly against the subject of a positive disclosure.


Should you wish to see a copy of the MentNav’s DBS Certificate Storage and Handling Policy, please reach out to us at

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