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Crisis Support

Hotlines and online chat services

Therapy Route has an article that lists helplines, crisis lines, and suicide hotlines for 176 countries (so nearly every country in the world). Its last update was January 2, 2020. Command+F to search the page for your respective country. Or, check out this Wikipedia article listing suicide crisis lines, which lists resources in 93 countries.

Online articles and tools

You might find these online articles helpful when experiencing a crisis:

Supporting someone experiencing a crisis

If you'd like to learn more about supporting someone while they are experiencing a crisis, you might find the following articles helpful:

You also might be interested in a peer support training program, such as Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training. MHFA training equips one with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to support a friend, family member or co-worker experiencing a mental health problem or crisis. There are a lot of Mental Health First Aid training programs out there. The volunteers at the Mental Health Navigator are trained through local programs licensed by Mental Health First Aid International. You can search for programs across multiple countries at

However, Mental Health First Aid is not the only way to learn to provide emotional support and help someone in a crisis. There are a number of resources out there. You can see a list of options we've put together in our Training to Support Someone Struggling with Mental Health blog post.

Helping reduce stigma

The words we choose have a massive impact on those around us and on reducing stigma. If you aren't sure what words to use to describe what someone is experiencing, you might find the following articles helpful.

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