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Looking for professional support? The table below lists a range of coaches and mental health providers, who provide everything from therapy and counseling to prescribing and managing medication.

Adding recommendations

The providers on this list are currently mostly those based in the US and UK, but we are working on expanding the list to include mental health recommendations from around the world.

You can help by adding a recommendation!

  • Feel free to add another review of a provider who already has reviews, so that people can see multiple opinions. You can add reviews for providers already listed in the table via this form.

  • This list provides information on coaches and licensed mental health providers.

To make sure the reviews listed in the table are unbiased, we request that providers don't preferentially solicit reviews from clients likely to give favorable reviews. In practice, this means making a uniform request of all your clients or avoiding soliciting reviews.

A note on finding help via this table

For those who may not be familiar with AirTable, the filter function can seem fairly unintuitive to use, but it actually is a very useful tool for finding providers who meet your criteria! Just click on "Filter" and select "Add condition" to apply your criteria. Multiple conditions can be added at the same time by adding more with "Add condition". "Add condition group" can be used to filter by "and" or "or".

More information below the table.

For providers


If you are a provider and would like to add yourself to the database, you're welcome to do so. Use the "add a recommendation" button and put "1" for the rating and add a note in the box for "issues to correct" that you are adding yourself, so we should remove the rating and just include the factual information. 


Also, if you're a provider already in the database but some factual information needs to be corrected or updated, please submit a recommendation for yourself in the same way and use the "issues to correct" field.


If you are a provider who is listed in the table above and would like to be removed from the table, please send an email to and we will remove your information. 

More information on finding help via this table

Note that the table scrolls both up/down and left/right.

Filtering is helpful in many categories to find people who match your needs.

For example, due to our origins in the Effective Altruism community, several providers in this table are involved in the Effective Altruism movement. However, not all are. If you're specifically looking for a provider involved in Effective Altruism, try using the filter function and choose "Populations they specialize in working with" as the condition and select "Effective Altruists" as the option. All Coaches and Therapists from our previous lists have been added to this table. There is a other list of providers recommended by the rationalist and SlateStarCodex communities.

As an example of what a filters look like, if you wanted to filter to providers who are (1) coaches (2) currently accepting new clients and (3) specialize in productivity and prioritization, click “Filter” and set up your filter as such:

However there are some limitations/pitfalls with filtering to be aware of:

  • The fields “approach/types of practice” and “populations they specialize in”: for these, some people have left the field blank, while others have given a short list of entries, and others have given a long list of entries. So filtering on these fields is less useful than other more standardized ones, because some people who may be a great fit won’t come up if you apply filters to them.

  • The field “price” is also not standardized and as such not useful for filtering since it usually contains both a number and/or some explanatory text, and you can’t filter on price ranges.

We are working on addressing these limitations and will update this when the data has been improved. Thanks for your understanding!

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